Sunday, 16 October 2016

I'm Back

When I last posted I was not sure what I wanted to do for the 2017 Harrow Fair and whether to continue this blog.  My mother and I went to Newfoundland (had a lovely time) but I came home with a nasty virus.   Then I accidentally ate some gluten  and for the last few weeks I have been incapacitated.

I am now feeling better and plan to continue this blog.  I may not post as regularly as last year but I think I still have a few things to say and hopefully make you laugh in the process.

For the 2017 Harrow Fair the plan is to again enter items.  I don't plan on entering each and every category again - at least not until I fully retire and have the time.  The plan is to knit what I want to knit and to concentrate on the categories I could not enter last year but can this year and the ones where I did not win first prize in 2016.  So of course my first project is one that doesn't fit this plan.

On the sidebar you can link to a progress report for 2017.

I hope you will join me on this latest journey.  There will be knitting content and I plan to do some sewing this year.  I want to dust off my rigid heddle loom.  I stocked up on undyed yarn at the Woodstock Fleece Festival yesterday and  plan to heat up the dye pot for some colour play.

I started the Stephen West mystery knit-a-long "Building Blocks".  I chose the yarns in St John's Newfoundland at Cast On Cast Off.  I wanted to capture the colours from the trip for this project.  I wanted to purchase the yarn while the colours were still vivid in my mind.  Therefore I walked the 4 kilometres to the store from the hotel.  My mother stayed behind and took a nap.

I did some knitting on the trip.

The above is a no-pattern hat knit with Briggs & Little Hand Painted Softspun in Eggplant.  I purchased the yarn on the trip at the gift shop at the Grenfell Centre in St Anthony, Newfoundland.

The socks above and below are from my basic sock recipe I created.    The yarn above is Patons Kroy Sock Jacquard in the colourway Summer Moss Jacquard - now discontinued.  Hubby picked it up for me at the 2015 Listowel tent sale.  The colours in the photo are much nicer than actual.

The  above striped yarn is from my stash.  I only had one ball and I seemed to have lost the ball band. It is likely discontinued as I think I purchased it at the Needle Emporium Tent Sale several years ago.   The red is Paton's Kroy in the colourway red.  I bought this yarn sometime last year at the London Mary Maxim store on sale.

The socks below were started on the trip but finished after coming home.  Patons Kroy Socks FX in Camel Colours - can't remember where or when I acquired this yarn.

The above photos were taken on Signal Hill in St. John's.  I had to hunker down below the rocks to keep from being blown away.  Luckily the wind was blowing away from the cliffs otherwise I might have gone over diving for my knit wear as it blew away.

Here they are finished.  I am keeping these babies for myself.

On the trip, there was knitwear just about in every gift store.  I loved so much of it but managed to limit my purchases to these.  My fellow passengers thought it was funny that the knitter on the bus was buying knitted items as souvenirs.  Makes perfect sense to me.  I admire the knitter's work.  Why wouldn't I want to support their efforts?

The sweater I ordered from NONIA should arrive in a few weeks.

I had this idea on how to use some of the stripy sock yarn I wasn't fond of.  While the idea was good it did not come out how I wanted.  Just the ends have to be tied in and it will be done.  These are too small for me so I am looking for a recipient.