Sunday, 8 January 2017


I don't know where December went.  I was sick, then it was Christmas.  I took some time off work and attempted to clean up my house.  Not that it is a total tip but I like to get my house ready for tax season early.  Sorry for the silence.

I have been working on the lapghan.  The pattern is out of my head and I made it up as I went.  For me there is a pattern of behaviour in every project.  I start out with great excitement.  Once I figure out what I am doing then comes this long period where knitting on it is a slog.  I am forcing myself to keep going.  I want to knit on anything else.  I want to start 16 other projects.  In this case I picked out patterns and I picked out yarn.  I even bought more yarn.  I did not however dig any of the yarn out of the stash and I just did not feel up to rooting through my circulars to find the correct needles.  So I just kept on slogging on the blanket.

The next stage is when you can actually see the end of the project moving closer.  At that point I cannot stop myself from knitting on it.  The final glorious moment is starting the bind off.  Here I used a three stitch i-cord bind off. I can't believe I talked myself into such a long slow never ending bind off choice.  Once I am into the bind off I have to talk myself into going to bed, staying in bed, following basic hygiene practices and using the toilet before I leave a stream all over the house.

At last I am done. Well it still needs a bath but please don't burst my happy bubble.

Now to choose the next project.  I need something I can knit at the hockey game tonight.  These are the final few games before the playoffs.  The 73's are currently in 2nd place in the league.  Essex, Lakeshore and Amherstburg have been battling it out recently for 1st place.  The various teams are acquiring players and releasing players; getting the final lineup for the playoffs.  Whenever possible, Hubby and I have been attending the away games.  Tonight we are driving to Amherstburg.

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